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It’s more than a job—its committed craftsman and staff members that WORK and THINK like owners to achieve “Quality, Professionalism & Excellence”     
The Company’s reputation and credibility speaks for itself! Over 45 years in business and an owner on every project through the Company’s employee stock ownership program. Excellent benefits, job security, community awards for craftsmanship and safety performance, company and employee growth, development, and engagement opportunities help achieve our goal of Employee Retention. 

For more information about available career positions and benefits offered, please take the time to review the information below and complete the online application.       
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Employee Benefits

Competitive Pay

We desire to attract the best talent. We offer competitive pay and benefits. To insure that we remain competitive at every level, we conduct employee surveys, labor market data, evaluations, and wage analysis. We are a performance based and profitable employee-owned company.   

Health Insurance

Once eligible, we offer group Health Insurance to all employees. Additional coverages for spouse and family are also available. We offer two competitive health care plans, traditional and high deductible/health savings account (HSA).  

Retirement Plan (401 K)

To help our employees save for retirement years, we offer a 401 K plan. The Company will also match a percentage of the employee’s 401 K contributions. Several different funds are available for the employee to select from on how they wish to invest their 401k.   

Flexible Spending & Cafeteria Plan

This plan allows the employee to set aside money pre-tax from each paycheck into a Cafeteria account, also called a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). The funds can be utilized from the FSA for reimbursement on expenses paid for items not covered by Health Insurance; such as dependent care, medical deductibles, prescriptions, eyewear, office visit co-pays, etc. The employee can save money by simply enrolling in the FSA. Current government regulations allow up to $2,500 annually be set aside tax free for the FSA.

Payroll Savings Plan

One of our most popular benefits. This program allows the employee to set aside a portion of their paycheck (the amount based on a formula) for a period of 35 consecutive weeks. The Company will contribute an amount based upon the employee’s participation and length of service. The Company contribution ranges from 50% all the way to 200%. At the end of the 35 weeks, the employee receives a check which includes the employee’s portion they have contributed, and employer’s additional contribution! It’s been called “getting free money” by several of our employees. 

Direct Deposit

You don’t need to worry about coming to the office to get your weekly paycheck. It is automatically set up to be deposited directly into your bank account. You can view your pay stub on line to check hours, wages, benefits, withholdings, etc. It's simple and easy.

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Employees are automatically enrolled in the Company’s Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), after meeting the qualifications. Company profits are shared with the employees through the ESOP. This program not only makes every employee an owner in the company, but will also benefit the employee and their family members during retirement years. We truly do have An Owner on Every Project.

Other Stock Ownership Opportunities

Besides stock held through the ESOP, employees have the opportunity to purchase additional Stephens & Smith Corporate Stock. This corporate stock provides individual voting rights to the employee, whereas the ESOP votes on company matters for the employees as a group. We have several financing options available for those interested in additional ownership in the Company.  

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Company’s EAP program will help employees meet life challenges. This could include divorce, financial concerns, stress, depression, grief, or any other concern that might be impacting your personal well-being. Counseling and assistance can help employees remain healthy, engaged, and productive. This is a confidential service paid by the Company. Employees will meet with master licensed counselors, who can help guide them through their challenge

Tool Purchases

We have our own Company Store, where employees can purchase tools, clothing, gloves, and other work related items. These purchases will then be deducted from their weekly paycheck, without having to pay for them at the time of purchase. 

Credit Union Membership

We encourage all of our employees to enroll in and participate in the Construction Industries Credit Union (CICU), in whom the Company is a business member. Employees can set up an account to save money, and also apply for auto or personal loans at competitive interest rates. Loan payments can be made direct to CICU through weekly payroll deductions. 

Advancement Opportunities

All employees are encouraged to share their career goals. Our Company values leadership succession. Many of our field apprentices are now supervisors. Upward movement is achievable at Stephens & Smith. Whether your goal is to advance in pay, expand your skill level, or have a career opportunity, we have a place for you.

Certification & Education Opportunities

Employee certification and training is essential to our reputation and expertise in the industry. We believe learning new skills and upgrading existing ones makes sense for both the employee and our Company. Training and certification is a pre-requisite to leadership succession and employee skill building. We offer a variety of certification programs. All of our finishers will participate in the ACI Concrete Finisher Certification program.

Employee Retention & Job Security

From the executive team to front line supervisors employee retention is our goal. 39% of our employees have worked here for ten years or more. Our current employee roster totals over 1800 years of service with Stephens & Smith, which relates to an average length of employment of 9.33 years per employee. 

Company Events

We try to plan several activities outside of company time for the employee and their family members. In the past, Family Day at Henry Doorly Zoo, Fishing Tournament, Golf Tournament, Poker Runs, Company Picnic, and Football Tailgate parties, are examples of social activities that allow employees to interact with one another outside of a work setting.      


As part of our commitment to the care and concern for our employee’s health and safety, we have a full time Safety Director. We conduct in-house First Aid/CPR training and provide OSHA 10 & 30 hour training. Our Safety Director visits the jobsites regularly to conduct safety inspections, and to make sure that employees are working safely. We have received numerous awards for safety.     

Strong Leadership

Our leaders use their skills, knowledge, and patience to lead others in a way that will allow them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Our leaders believe in flexibility, and change the course when necessary to produce the highest quality service without sacrificing product quality. Leadership skill building and training are an integral part of the leadership team at every level.


Our company has received numerous awards for our work - locally, regionally, and nationally. We recognize and appreciate the dedication, effort, and skill from our employees and their work that allow this to happen. This also allows Stephens & Smith to be recognized as an industry leader, with the knowledge and skill to take on challenging projects, and helps to create new opportunities for our employees.

Merit Shop

We are committed to retaining employees that contribute to the growth, development, and success of our Company. We treat employees with respect and dignity, and provide excellent benefits, competitive wages, and a secure future. We believe in “open doors” and encourage employees to go directly to any executive team member to share concerns and suggestions for continuous improvement. We are proud to be a non-union Company.   

Vacation & Holidays

Upon completing eligibility requirements, we offer vacation and holiday pay to our employees. Please contact us for more information.

Hiring & Referral Bonuses

To help attract qualified applicants, we offer a hiring bonus to newly hired employees. Based on meeting expectations set for attendance, performance, and production, the hiring bonus will be paid out in 3 intervals over the course of the first year of employment. Additionally, we encourage our existing employees to refer potential candidates for employment, and if hired, provide the referring employee with a referral bonus. Please contact us for additional details on these bonus programs.

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