Poured Foundations in Lincoln and Omaha

Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc. has the expertise needed to pour solid foundations for your building. Whether you are a homeowner looking to do an addition, or you are a commercial client that is building a new facility, we can handle the job. We pour foundations of all shapes and sizes, and we aren't intimidated by special requests or difficult work. Contact us to learn more, and take a quick look at the descriptions below to see if your project is included in our typical scope of foundation work.
Commercial foundation work in progress in Lincoln, NE

Commercial Foundations

You'll want an expert team at your side when you are pouring a commercial foundation. Getting the specs right is critical, and we have the years of experience needed to make sure the job gets done just right. Keep your timetable moving and hire an expert crew to handle the details.
Residential foundation work in progress in Lincoln, NE

Residential Foundations

Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc. works with homeowners on everything from additions to new construction projects and custom home builds. Make an appointment to talk to a staff member about your plans and we'll answer all your foundation questions in detail.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Get an extra layer of protection by using insulated concrete forms for your project. These forms include extra material that provides a permanent addition to the foundation and gives you additional thermal regulation. Ask us for more information when you call to talk about your project and we'll walk you through the specifics.


We are able to provide reliable waterproofing services as an add on to our poured foundations to stop the leaks and protect your home from seepage and flooding. Waterproofing helps prevent mold, mildew and water damage, all of which can be damaging and costly.


Renovation work can be a little tricky when it comes to foundations. We have completed many additions and upgrades where we have had to address a foundation issue or connect an old area with a new one. We have the knowledge to do this type of work the right way. Let us give you a hand with your specific situation.
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