Specialty Products

Specialty Products in Lincoln and Omaha

In addition to regular concrete services, Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc also handles a number of specialty products that we can use should you need something more specific. From industrial floor hardeners and sealers to in-floor radiant heating systems, we carry some terrific extras and options for your home, office, or industrial building. Please take a moment to review some of our choices below and see if any might suit your purposes. Once you've had the chance to take a look, feel free to get in touch with questions about any of the specialty products we have. Our employees are trained and certified in each of these arenas.

Floor Underlayments

Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc. has a selection of floor underlayments to meet your specific requirements. Underlayments aid in sound and fire ratings as well as cost-effective solution for your flooring underlayment needs. Call us to learn more about what might be right for your situation.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

In-floor radiant heating is an increasingly popular option that has many different uses. There are indoor options, such as for bathrooms or laundry areas, and outdoor applications, such as driveways and garages. Learn more about the variety of radiant heat choices for all types of buildings and settings by getting in touch.
Specialty floor work in Lincoln, NE

Insulated Concrete Roof Decks

The advantages of insulated concrete roof decks are desirable in many cases. To learn more about whether this approach may be right for your building, please call our team in Lincoln or Omaha to discuss the rationale for putting them into the design. We'll be happy to walk you through the details.

Ashford Formula

The Ashford Formula is a unique application that functions as a sealer and hardener for concrete floors. It is particularly suited to certain commercial, industrial and institutional applications, and is a popular choice when it comes to flooring longevity. Call to find out more about this finish, and how it might benefit your space.

Surface Prep

Surface preparation is an essential step when it comes to resurfacing concrete or prior to a variety of floor coating installation work. We know the methods to employ to get concrete to just the right texture for the seal or stain work that follows. Don't leave this crucial step to an amateur. Call our team to get expert help.
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