The Nebraska Building Chapter AGC held its Fall Social & Awards Dinner at the Champions Club on November 15th to recognize outstanding projects and people in Nebraska.  Bob Irwin & Jereme Montgomery received AGC Nebraska Building Chapter’s Innovator Award for their efforts with workforce development.

They were recognized for creating a 2-year apprenticeship curriculum and approved by the US Dept of Labor as a federally registered apprenticeship program, “Concrete Craftsman”.  Bob and Jereme also revived the Dept. of Education’s Student Worker-Learner program through the Lincoln Public Schools, hiring Stephens & Smith’s first minor since the 1980’s.  In addition, these two have been active in volunteering their time and resources to local construction career fairs at SCC-Milford and MCC-Omaha.  It’s also worth noting both Bob & Jereme are supporters Concrete Cares of Nebraska.  A non-profit organization dedicated to helping Nebraska families battling cancer.  Jereme implemented internal training opportunities via AGC resources, Print Reading 101 and Leadership and Motivation classes, which are currently being taught internally with their foundation divisions.  Jereme also worked with AGC members and Build our Nebraska to host a hands-on construction career day at SCC-Lincoln last May.

What an honor to be selected for AGC’s Quality People Awards.  It speaks highly of how well they are perceived in our industry.  It is a positive contribution that deserves recognition.  We at Stephens & Smith are proud to say that they are valued members of our company.  Congratulations.

Steve Willis, CEO

Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc.