Working in the concrete industry since 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc., has firmly solidified the company as a leader in the industry. Our unique structure and approach have allowed us to grow into the established concrete company that people in Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas have come to trust.

The focus of our construction company has always been to provide concrete services that our clients can genuinely depend upon. With a focus on integrity and professionalism, we strive to continue setting the standard in the industry. We are a full-service concrete company with a team of more than two hundred employees, who have more than two thousand combined years of service, offering just about any concrete service you could imagine. Celebrating fifty years in the concrete industry, we are incredibly proud of our company’s achievements, especially when we look back to our humble beginnings.

Continue reading to learn about the birth of Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. and how we have become the concrete industry leader that we are today.

Meet Our Founders

After first becoming friends when they attended Lincoln High School, Bob Stephens and Mike Smith launched Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. in 1971. Focusing on flatwork in the Lincoln area initially, they quickly acquired their first set of foundations and started pouring concrete foundations, and started to gain a reputation for the incredible work they were doing.

Concrete Industry Leaders Bob Stephens & Mike Smith with Stephens & Smith

Expansion To Omaha

As the reputation of Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. started to grow, the company was soon getting calls from construction companies sixty miles away in Omaha requesting expert concrete services. With more and more requests coming from the neighboring city, a satellite office was established in Omaha to accommodate the increasing number of Omaha-based clients.

Growing The Team

After expanding to Omaha, Bob and Mike realized that they would need to hire a large team of highly skilled, motivated, and talented employees to meet the growing demand for their concrete services. With such demand for Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc.’s services, the partners decided to put a compensation system in place to hire working partners, which was completely unheard of in the concrete industry at the time. Using this approach, an “Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)” was devised to ensure that all employees could acquire financial wealth for retirement, while also sharing the company’s ownership and profits.

Becoming Established Industry Leaders

Over the years, Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. has become an established entity in the concrete industry. Our founding partners completely transformed their construction company from a small local business offering concrete services in Lincoln, to what has become an employee-owned company with more than two hundred owners in today’s organization.

Due to the management style implemented by Bob Stephens and Mike Smith in 1971, there is “an owner on every project.

Everyone at Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. is persistently ensuring we always get the best results possible on every project we work on. The company consistently ranks in the top one hundred concrete service companies in the United States, so you know that you are always in safe hands with our team of concrete industry specialists.

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