Did you know that cracked concrete, uneven paving slabs, and notable issues with your foundations can negatively influence those who visit your business location? In some cases, you only have seconds to make the first impression where people choose to do business with you. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Our concrete contractors at Stephens & Smith Construction Company can help alleviate some of the frustrations and hazards of unsafe entryways. During our 50 years in business, we’ve developed an extensive understanding of full-service commercial concrete offerings, including the pouring and finishing of high-quality concrete slabs that can get consumers on board from the moment they set foot on your entryway, parking lot, or other.

With over 200 employees sharing as much as 2,000 years of combined experience between them, we’re certainly poised to deliver the best possible concrete results to ensure a curb appeal that finally makes sales possible. 

Below, our concrete contractors showcase what the ‘best’ concrete slabs look like and why we’re the company to help you bring that dream to fruition.

Commercial concrete flatwork performed by concrete contractors of Stephens and Smith in Lincoln, Nebraska

Concrete Slabs For Commercial Success

At Stephens & Smith Construction Company, our concrete contractors have utilized concrete slabs in a range of commercial settings to enhance both the appearance and functionality of everything from retail outlets right through to restaurant drive-thrus and even airport hangers. Regardless of your concrete slab requirements, our extensive years of concrete experience ensure that we’re able to offer the construction services and results that you’re looking for.  

We have extensive experience in the pouring of high-quality flatwork concrete slabs which, in the case of business and commercial premises, can include anything from parking lot renovations through to the placing and finishing industrial slabs and beyond. Whether you’re looking to update a tired area of concrete or require completely new installations, our concrete contractors are on hand to make it happen.

Our Concrete Contractors Can Take Your Concrete Slabs To The Next Level

During our 50+ years of working in the Omaha and Lincoln areas, we’ve come to understand first-hand that simply doing a good job isn’t enough. That’s why, as well as completing your concrete slab requirements to the highest possible standards, we’ll also go above and beyond to keep your wishes in mind.

Experience a concrete contractor team that cares about every project, big or small, and delivers beyond expectations. Contact Stephens & Smith Construction Company to discuss your options for concrete slabs of any kind across your commercial space today.