Whether you are embarking on a small residential construction project or you are taking on a larger commercial build, you need to ensure that you choose the right concrete contractor. Concrete is a key building material, and it is essential that you hire a local company that knows what it is doing. Hiring the right concrete contractor will ensure that your project is completed safely, providing you results that will stand firm for many years to come.

At Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we have been working in the concrete industry since 1971. Employing over two hundred employees with more than two thousand years of combined service, we are proud to be an industry leader in both commercial and residential concrete services. Having worked with many Lincoln and Omaha clients over the years, we understand what clients need from a concrete contractor. With a focus on quality, commitment, and customer satisfaction, at Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we work hard to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied when choosing us as their dedicated concrete contractor.

Let’s take a look at five valuable tips to help you to choose the right concrete contractor for your next residential or commercial building project.

Experience Is Essential

At Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we have been providing a comprehensive range of concrete services to Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding areas since 1971, through which our team has gained invaluable experience in a range of different projects of all types and sizes. Without question, one of the most important things you need to consider is the contractor’s experience. Experienced concrete contractors will give you the best advice and provide insight to achieve the best results possible.

Consider Their Reputation

Whether you are hiring a concrete contractor for a residential or commercial project, you need to ensure that you hire a local company that you can trust. Have a look at reviews online, look for testimonials on their website about projects they have completed or ask someone you know who has previously used the contractor’s services. Choosing an established concrete contractor with a solid reputation will give you more peace of mind, knowing your project is in the right hands.

Assess Customer Service

At Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we work closely with our Lincoln and Omaha clients from beginning to end to ensure that we deliver what they need. Staying in close communication with our clients throughout the project is key in providing the best possible service. When you are selecting a concrete contractor, make sure that you choose a contractor that cares about their local clients, communicates effectively, and offers excellent customer service.

Evaluate Quality Of Work

A competent concrete contractor will always stand over their work. To choose the right concrete contractor, you need to ensure you select a company that focuses on quality both in the materials they use, the standard of the craftsmanship, and the finished product. Before you hire a Lincoln or Omaha concrete contractor, ask to see a copy of their portfolio. Viewing previous jobs that they have worked on will allow you to make a more informed decision. If any of the work they have completed is local, take a look at the results in person, if respectfully allowed. Knowing that your concrete contractor can deliver top-quality results, it’s always wise to take some time to evaluate the quality of their work.

Choose Stephens & Smith Construction Co. For All Of Your Concrete Needs

Choosing a concrete contractor is a big decision and one that you want to be sure you get right. Here at Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we pride ourselves in being industry leaders, striving for excellence in everything that we do so we can deliver the very best results possible for our clients. Get in touch with our team at Stephens & Smith Construction Co. to discuss your concrete needs and let us ensure your next project is completed to the very highest standard.