After pouring a private home foundation that measures more than 150 feet wide, Omaha Foundation employees have redefined their definition of a “big” residential project.

Featuring foundation walls 13 feet tall and 14 inches thick, the project for L & L Custom Builders Inc. lasted throughout late spring and required temporary scaffolding to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. 

Project Manager Kevin Snell said the oversized walls necessitated a 4-inch truss ledge and a 6-inch brick ledge.  “You rarely see that on a foundation,” Snell said. “This is one of the biggest we’ve done — ever. Nobody else in Omaha has the equipment or the forms to do it.” Snell credited Supervisor Vince Bongiovanni and his crew for doing an amazing job. He also lauded Supervisor Genaro Saldana-Rangel and his footing crew.

Snell said the project required significant planning, but the crew kept the job moving smoothly with three pours for the foundation and garages, as well as three pours for the footings.  Working extra hours and days to stay on schedule, Snell said, “It was one of the most difficult foundations we’ve done in quite some time.”  The mammoth project includes a separate swimming pool house, which was scheduled for additional pours in July.

About Stephens & Smith Construction Company

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