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decorative concrete company project by Stephens & Smith

What is Decorative Concrete? Everything You Need To Know

In the past, concrete was something that individuals and businesses used primarily for its functionality. However, thanks to decorative concrete, that’s all changing. With this style of concrete, and the help of a concrete company like Stephens & Smith Construction Company, you can create beautiful embellishments that enhance the appearance

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Residential Concrete Flatwork Services - Need a new concrete driveway? Contact our flatwork concrete contractor company

What Is Concrete Flatwork? What Can Be Done With It?

At Stephens & Smith, concrete flatwork involves pouring concrete on a horizontal plane, so whether you have a large-scale project, such as an industrial building, or a home that needs basic flatwork services, we can help! Projects that fall under the concrete flatwork technique include indoor slab on grade, sidewalks,

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Lincoln Property getting a new driveway by concrete contractors (Stephens & Smith crew)

Concrete Care – 5 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Driveway

Keeping your concrete driveway in tip-top condition should always be a priority for Lincoln homeowners. When visitors come to your home, you want to ensure that your property makes the best first impression possible. Having a well-built and well-maintained driveway is key to ensuring that your home makes a great impression on anyone.

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Concrete Services offered by Stephens & Smith in Lincoln and Omaha

All About Stephens & Smith Construction

While we provide a range of conventional concrete services, Stephens & Smith Construction Company is known for being a bit different from other local concrete companies. We go above and beyond in our services, always seeking the best results possible while offering more intricate and specialized work than others. In the end, it’s our commitment to concrete and stellar employees that sets us apart.

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Concrete Specialists doing Commercial Job with the right tools

Concrete Contractors Can Help Select Right Concrete Slab

Did you know that cracked concrete, uneven paving slabs, and notable issues with your foundations can negatively influence those who visit your business location? In some cases, you only have seconds to make the first impression where people choose to do business with you. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Within this article concrete contractors showcase what the ‘best’ concrete slabs look like and why we’re the company to help you bring that dream to fruition.

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Our Concrete Construction Company Is Hiring

Our Construction Company Is Hiring High-Quality Workers

Do you have a strong team spirit and an experienced background in concrete finishing and field operations? Do you take pride in completing all of your work to the highest possible standards? If yes, then a career with Stephens & Smith Construction Company could be the ideal fit for you! We are currently looking to hire concrete finishers to join our fantastic, experienced team across a range of full-time positions that would see you at the forefront of our exciting and quality product offerings. Learn more today!

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Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finisher completing a commercial project

ACI Advanced Concrete Flatwork Finisher Certified – What Does It Mean?

Since 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. has provided exceptional concrete services and has completed countless commercial flatwork projects with results that speak for themselves. We ensure that every commercial flatwork project we work on is completed to the highest possible standard with our commitment to excellence. Let’s take a closer look at what an ACI Flatwork Certification is and why it is crucial in achieving the best possible finish for your commercial and industrial concrete projects.

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Stephens & Smith reliable concrete contractor

6 Things To Ask A Concrete Company Before Hiring

We understand that when you’re hiring a concrete contractor, you need to ensure that you choose the best concrete company with the skills, experience, and expertise required to get the job done right. Our team of concrete contractors are here to help you to make the right choice when you’re selecting a concrete contractor in Lincoln or Omaha. View the six questions that you should always ask before hiring any concrete company.

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50 Years Of Stephens & Smith Mastering the Concrete Industry

1971-2021: 50 Years Of Stephens & Smith Construction Company

Working in the concrete industry since 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc., has firmly solidified the company as a leader in the industry. Our unique structure and approach have allowed us to grow into the established concrete company that people in Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas have come to trust. Learn about the birth of Stephens & Smith Construction Company, Inc. and how we have become the industry leader that we are today.

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