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Patio Perfection – 5 Reasons To Build A Concrete Patio This Summer

When you are designing the patio for your Lincoln home, you will want to ensure that you choose a construction material. To withstand all seasons, it will need to be durable, long-lasting, and the appearance must enhance the overall look of your outdoor space. Concrete patios tick all of these boxes and more, providing local homeowners with a versatile patio construction material that is guaranteed to look great and stand strong.

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Concrete experts creating a durable concrete driveway in Lincoln

Designing Your Concrete Driveway – 5 Things You Need To Consider

At Stephens & Smith Construction Co., we believe that having the right driveway design is crucial to making your Lincoln home shine. Your driveway is the first thing that anyone visiting your home will see, and you need to ensure that it makes the right impression. Before you can start building your perfect driveway, however, the concrete contractors you hire will need to ensure they use the right material.

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aerial view of a concrete paving pour at Old Dominion

Lincoln Flatwork Department Breaks Internal Record

(Grand Island, NE) A new month meant a new record for Stephens & Smith’s Flatwork team. As October started, they poured 43,636 square feet, or 910 cubic yards, in a single paving placement at Old Dominion Freight Line in Grand Island, Nebraska. “It required a lot of planning – how to go about doing the job, having enough manpower and getting it all done,” Flatwork Foreman Stacie Jensen said. That single paving placement was just part of the parking lot, which stretches more than 255,000 square feet and includes an area for employee parking. The Flatwork team was assisted by Ott Concrete Construction and TWC Concrete on the large project.

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Wolfe’s Husker Helicopter hangar sees face-lift

A popular spot to have events in the Columbus, Nebraska, area is at Kim Wolfe᾿s Husker Helicopter hangar. That’s why when he wanted to spruce up the floor, he knew exactly who to call: Stephens & Smith. The old flooring, originally completed in 2008, is shown prior to Stephens & Smith’s restoration project.
The building, approximately 4,000 square feet, was originally re-dyed by the Stephens & Smith Specialty Products team 12 years ago. They started the new refinishing process with a deep grind to take scratches out of the floor.

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Stephens & Smith Construction is Bringing it Back!

Stephens & Smith Construction is proud to announce that we are bringing it back! We are bringing back the logo, bringing back the shirts, and bringing back our culture! Company culture is extremely important to the success or failure of any company. Instilling a positive work culture in the workplace increases retention, increases productivity, and simply improves the bottom line. At Stephens & Smith Construction, there have been recent discussions about our own culture and development. Next year, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

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Omaha Foundation Department Completes First Cast In Place Utility Vault

Omaha Foundation Department Completes First Cast in Place Utility Vault

Stephens & Smith Construction Company broke new ground this spring when they built a utility vault at 16th & Farnam streets in Omaha.

“It was the first cast-in-place utility vault we’ve done,” Project Manager Steve Estep said. “It was unique. We were in downtown Omaha — across from the courthouse and in a really limited space — so it posed some challenges.”

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Another fantastic collaboration project for Stephens & Smith and Manzitto

Working with Stephens & Smith Construction for a third time recently produced more of the same results for Manzitto Bros: A great product and zero delays. During the Village West Apartments project, Manzitto Site Superintendent Mark Garner said Lincoln Flatwork and Foundation achieved results similar to the previous two projects he’d overseen. He noted how Stephens & Smith was able to pour the garage floors and building slabs and footings well ahead of the framers.

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Gigantic house foundation requires preparation, savvy

Gigantic house foundation requires preparation, savvy

After pouring a private home foundation that measures more than 150 feet wide, Omaha Foundation employees have redefined their definition of a “big” residential project.
Featuring foundation walls 13 feet tall and 14 inches thick, the project for L & L Custom Builders Inc. lasted throughout late spring and required temporary scaffolding to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

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Concrete Specialists doing Commercial Job with the right tools

Concrete Contractor – 9 Tools Of The Trade Designed To Get Results

Whether concrete specialists are performing a big or a small project, residential or commercial, there are certain tools that all contractors working with concrete must have. The right tools for the job will ensure that the work is completed to the best possible standard and that the concrete contractors can work as efficiently as possible.

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