Earlier this year, Stephens & Smith registered 13 employees to obtain or renew their American Concrete Institute (ACI) professional certifications.

Ryan Jones, Residential Foundation superintendent, obtained ACI/CFA Residential Concrete Foundation Technician certification, which recognizes him as an individual who has demonstrated knowledge of residential concrete foundation construction and the codes and standards that apply to this segment of the industry.

In addition, Stephens & Smith registered 12 Flatwork Division employees for ACI Flatwork Finisher/Technician certification. A Concrete Flatwork finisher is defined as a craftsman who has demonstrated knowledge about and the ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect concrete flatwork. Congratulations to Roger Andersson, Kent Baker, Ben Fitzgerald, Steve Jolly, Haidar Kazem, Russ Nowotny, Juan Rodriquez-Lopez, Hayden Svendsen, Heath Svendsen, Doug Talich, David Thibault and Nick Zimmerman for continuing their education as professional concrete finishers.

Investing in employees is an investment in the business. ACI Certification helps to build the Stephens & Smith reputation with owners and specifiers and gives the company the potential to become eligible for more projects.