With a perpetual need for health care workers across the U.S., Stephens & Smith’s Flatwork team recently provided the literal steps for future medical assistants, paramedics and technologists to receive their education. Coordinating efforts with general contractor Hausmann Construction, Stephens & Smith’s Flatwork Supervisor Hayden Svendsen and his team worked throughout January to complete a large concrete staircase for Southeast Community College’s new $25 million Health Sciences building in Lincoln. Hausmann Construction Superintendent Matt Pollard described the project as “challenging” but unproblematic thanks to the collaboration with Stephens & Smith. While Hausmann and Stephens & Smith work together on a regular basis, Pollard said this project wasn’t their typical job, noting it’s something they might do once every five years or more. “Every single step had to be precise,” said Pollard, who noted any significant variation would show in the finished tile.

Lincoln flatwork department handles intricate concrete steps for SCC Health Sciences

The 15-foot-wide, 16-foot-high steps will serve as the main staircase for the U-shaped building designed by BCDM Architects and Perkins and Will. “Structurally, it was a difficult job,” said Svendsen, noting that his team had to be meticulous with the form and the rebar work. He added that the monthlong project took “quite a bit of head scratching and penciling” to ensure details turned out correctly. After completing the form and rebar work and a small test pour, Svendsen recruited Stephens & Smith’s Commercial Division to help pour 43 yards of concrete. The teams employed a systematic approach that involved stopping every few stairs to use various measurement tools and ensure the pour was accurate to within 1/16 of an inch. Svendsen said their work resulted in a perfectly straight staircase. According to SCC’s Health Sciences Dean Jill Sand, the building will have an enormous impact on the SCC community and its 15-county service area by increasing the school’s capacity to provide quality, highly skilled, caring professionals in careers where there currently are shortages. Slated to open later this year, the 81,909-squarefoot building will be the new home for 16 health care programs and will include 14 state-of-the-art health science labs, eight classrooms, student collaboration spaces, faculty offices, an innovative area simulating a real-life medical setting, outdoor learning spaces and more.

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