It’s been said the early bird gets the worm. For those in the construction world, the early birds — or subcontractors — generally have fewer road blocks in completing a specific project. This was the fortunate case for Specialty Products Supervisors Jesse Morris and Sherman Card and their crews, who recently polished roughly 14,000 square feet of concrete inside the newest QP Ace Hardware store in Lincoln. Shortly after the building footings were installed by the Stephens & Smith Foundation team, Specialty Products employees went to work. Due in part to their flexibility and an unobstructed workspace, they hit the ground running and delivered another great product to the customer. “Because no one else was working inside and it didn’t have any shelving or other things in it yet, it really gave us the ground space to get the job done quickly,” Card said. “Tru-Built Construction always is an easy and professional builder to work with.” Aside from the main sales floor, which required no coloring or stamps, Specialty Products also completed the bathrooms — using an epoxy finish for extra water protection. Card said the three-phase project was completed in December. Foundation employees finished their work last August.

Supervisor Nick Bogenreif said his team used a new forming system that allowed them to pour a stepped wall. “It was an 8-inch wall with an 8-inch wide brick ledge that dropped down a foot,” he said. “The system helped form the walls quicker.” In total, Lincoln Foundation crews poured 700 feet of walling that included grade beams, a trench, a unique 2-foot wall and the aforementioned ledge. Tru-Built Site Superintendent Bo Jones praised both Stephens & Smith departments. “Working with Nick (Bogenreif) and his crew was a great experience, and everything went well — with them staying on until the job was finished,” he said. “The polishing crew did an outstanding job, too. Not only did it turn out great, but they went above and beyond to work around other subcontractors to help keep the project on schedule.” 

About Stephens & Smith Construction Company

Founded in 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company Inc. focuses on services in residential and commercial flatwork, foundations, decorative concrete, and specialty products.  The company’s reputation and credibility speak for itself.  With over 45 years in business, they have grown exponentially over the years, due to their unique structure and approach to the company makeup.  Their reputation has been the very foundation of their expansion, along with the valuable employees that have joined the team along the way.  More information on the company’s notable achievements, services provided, and history can be seen on their website as well.