Stephens & Smith Construction Company broke new ground this spring when they built a utility vault at 16th & Farnam streets in Omaha.

“It was the first cast-in-place utility vault we’ve done,” Project Manager Steve Estep said. “It was unique. We were in downtown Omaha — across from the courthouse and in a really limited space — so it posed some challenges.”

Omaha Foundation Department Completes First Cast In Place Utility Vault

The two-stage indoor-outdoor project with Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. included a 17-by-92-foot vault to hold four generators — with much of the work being done 12 feet below sidewalk level — and a fuel containment structure inside a nearby parking garage.

The outdoor section was the most complex part of the job, and was completed first, Estep said. 

“In some ways, it was pretty similar to containment structures we’ve done in the past,” he said. “The difference in the lid was that it had removal panels, so we had to be creative to ensure they fit and could be removed when needed.”

The project started in March and was supervised by Elson Ortiz. The indoor section of the work was wrapped up in June when employees finished concrete bollards to protect the fuel containment vault.

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