Earlier this year, Broadmoor Development Co. looked for an affordable solution to reduce the sound transfer between floor-ceiling assemblies in their new Broadmoor at River’s Edge apartment units in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

“We’ve always had a great relationship with Broadmoor,” Project Manager Ryan Good said. “They’re always improving their buildings and see the value in sound control.”

Stephens & Smith employees worked with Maxxon Corp. to present Broadmoor representatives with a variety of sound control options to fit the various underlayment thickness. Good said the assistance allowed his team to show Broadmoor exactly what they could expect their sound ratings to be within each unit assembly.

Specialties Division Reduces Sound Between Apartment Units

“By using Acousti-Mat and Gyp-Crete together, the customer was able to gain additional sound control, which helped them get better value for their investment,” Good said.

The large project involves installing 114,122 square feet of Gyp-Crete underlayment and 67,834 square feet of Acousti-Mat for three buildings.

Phase 1 project installations began with Buildings 2 and 3 during the summer. Once those are completed in the months ahead, Building 1 — dubbed the “Podium” due to its larger size — will be next. While the first two building projects will require only one mobilization of equipment and manpower each, Building 1 will require eight.

“As an owner and developer, quality is priority,” Broadmoor Project Manager Bob Stratton said. “The Stephens & Smith team has always been helpful and is a pleasure to work with.”

Broadmoor has partnered with Stephens & Smith for more than 30 years on more than 3,000 apartment projects — with 400 currently under contract.