While we provide a range of conventional concrete services, Stephens & Smith Construction Company is known for being a bit different from other local concrete companies. We go above and beyond in our services, always seeking the best results possible while offering more intricate and specialized work than others. In the end, it’s our commitment to concrete and stellar employees that sets us apart.

Stephens & Smith Construction Company was first formed in 1971 after founders Mike Smith and Bob Stevens decided to build a flatwork concrete services business. Before long, the company delivered its first foundations project and, shortly after that, began full-scale concrete foundation pouring operations. 

Over time, our reputation grew, and we collected an extensive client portfolio that continues to generate referral business today.

Concrete Industry Leaders Bob Stephens & Mike Smith with Stephens & Smith

What Makes Our Concrete Contracting So Popular?

It’s a combination of factors. At the heart of what we do is our reputation. We’ve been in the concrete business for more than fifty years, and in that time, we have developed a network of people who understand our excellence in concrete projects.

We’ve focused on building up talent from within the company throughout our long history, developing ourselves and our team over many years. We believe that we can achieve incredible results for our Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding area clients with the right knowledge and talented workers. Our organization began with just two people but now comprises more than 200 employees, each of whom has tremendous expertise in their niche.

What Are The Concrete Services Provided?

We’re known as the leader of the industry, and with the scope of our quality concrete services, we offer the following concrete services:

Foundations – pouring of solid foundations for commercial clients, new homes, and existing homeowners. Foundations are available in many formats and can come in insulated and waterproof forms
Flatwork – including sidewalks, driveways, concrete patios for both commercial and residential developments
Decorative – including stenciled, stamped, stained concrete & more. Our concrete services also offer micro toppings, overlays (for instance, around pools), and exposed aggregate for a rougher finish
Specialty Products – Including floor underlayment’s such as gypcrete, polished concrete, in-floor radiant heating, and concrete coatings (these are some of our most popular concrete services)

We are fortunate to have excellent relationships with our clients. For us, it’s more than just a working relationship. We believe in forming genuine friendships that draw us closer and make us all more valuable to each other.

Concrete Services offered by Stephens & Smith in Lincoln and Omaha

Truly Employee Owned; An Owner On Every Project!

Through our concrete services, team, and relationships with others, we successfully grew a small construction company into one of the 100 most successful in the nation. Our business model emphasizes ownership and profit-sharing. Instead of hiring regular employees, we ensure that everyone on the team has the opportunity to be invested in the company’s overall success. Everyone is an owner, in a sense, not just senior management and shareholders. This approach drives our high operational standards. Every professional on the Stephens & Smith Construction Company team is interested in making the company successful and proud of its results, sharing the profits, and building their retirement plans.

The last fifty years have been a wonderful experience for both Mike and Bob, watching Stephens & Smith Construction Company grow and seeing so many happy customers and colleagues. In 1984 we expanded from Lincoln, NE into Omaha, setting up an office there for our growing list of clients. And in 2021, we made another expansion, this time into Kansas City, MO

Here’s to another fifty years of success!

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