December 30, 2019

Stephens & Smith Construction Adds New Classrooms to Milford High School

Stephens & Smith Construction Adds New Classrooms to Milford High School

Stephens & Smith Lincoln Foundation recently completed work on two science classrooms for the Milford, Nebraska, High School. The 150-yard concrete footings-and-walls project for Tru-Built Construction was completed in September. Foundation Supervisor Matt Kennett said the smaller-scale project had some unique quirks, noted his team was up to the task though. “Overall, we did a great job hitting our schedule and working on a tight budget,” Kennett said. “The walls had multiple thicknesses, and the brick and slab ledges were different than what we were used to, but everything went as planned.” Tru-Built Superintendent Steve Powell said collaborating with Stephens & Smith has enabled them to successfully take on a number of recent projects, noting, “They’re always a great group to work with. If anything does go wrong, they’re always quick to make sure it’s right.”

About Stephens & Smith Construction

Founded in 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company Inc. focuses on services in residential and commercial flatwork, foundations, decorative concrete, and specialty products.  The company’s reputation and credibility speak for itself.  With over 45 years in business, they have grown exponentially over the years, due to their unique structure and approach to the company makeup.  Their reputation has been the very foundation of their expansion, along with the valuable employees that have joined the team along the way.  More information on the company’s notable achievements, services provided, and history can be seen on their website as well.

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