When Great Plains Beef moved its online operations to Lincoln, it looked for the perfect construction combo to expand its storage and freezer space at 84th Street and Havelock Avenue. They found that in Stephens & Smith Construction and Ultimate Thermal.

Flatwork Supervisor Stacie Jensen and his Stephens & Smith team are providing 52,000 square feet of floor slab and 80,000 square feet of paving outside the building, requiring 1,300 square feet of curb wall and 8-inch thick slabs for the flooring.

Why is the floor slab so thick? Jensen said the building’s cold storage requires mud slabs and a thick flooring to prevent it from freezing.  “The freezers are set at 30 below zero,” he said. “Even with the thickness of the floors, it could still freeze, requiring the use of an electric strip to heat it.”

The five-person Flatwork crew is strip-pouring the slabs and laying a unique concrete densifier/hardener to help prevent deterioration. Jensen said this process is unique to his crew because the Gyp-Crete department typically handles those types of pours.  “You spray it on, and the chemical creates a hardened surface that really helps out five to 10 years down the road,” he said. 

Additionally, Foundation Supervisor Chad Baker and his team have been responsible for the main building and a breezeway. Baker said various bolt settings and heights required his team to use a Total Station laser surveyor to guarantee utmost accuracy with their pours.

Ultimate Thermal Site Superintendent Shane Swahn said he’s personally worked with Stephens & Smith on at least a dozen projects, noting the company’s quality and dependability.  “While this project is still ongoing, we couldn’t be happier working with Stephens & Smith,” he said. “They’re diligent, stay on task and keep things moving forward.”

In addition to freezing and housing its Certified Piedmontese beef in Lincoln, Great Plains Beef looks to add a retail spot inside the new warehouse to sell items such as beef jerky.  The Stephens & Smith teams expect to complete their work in August, helping the project meet its October deadline.

About Stephens & Smith Construction Company

Founded in 1971, Stephens & Smith Construction Company Inc. focuses on services in residential and commercial flatwork, foundations, decorative concrete, and specialty products.  The company’s reputation and credibility speaks for itself.  With over 45 years in business, they have grown exponentially over the years, due to their unique structure and approach to the company makeup.  Their reputation has been the very foundation of their expansion, along with the valuable employees that have joined the team along the way.  More information on the company’s notable achievements, services provided, and history can be seen on their website as well.  www.stephensandsmith.com