“Culture: A set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.” – Webster

Stephens & Smith Construction is proud to announce that we are bringing it back!  We are bringing back the logo, bringing back the shirts, and bringing back our culture!  Company culture is extremely important to the success or failure of any company.  Instilling a positive work culture in the workplace increases retention, increases productivity, and simply improves the bottom line.  

At Stephens & Smith Construction, there have been recent discussions about our own culture and development. Next year, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary.  In order to ensure we will be in business for another 50 years; we must always strive to keep improving and developing our company culture.  
For those of you who are familiar with the term Ass Buster, you know its meaning & significance dates back to the 70’s.  The term was originally used at Stephens & Smith to describe someone who was willing to “bust their butt” to get the job done.  It then became a way to acknowledge employees for their hard work and sacrifice.  If someone was wearing an “Ass Buster” T-shirt, it was because they were recognized by their peers for their outstanding work ethic.  

In the 90’s, the leadership at Stephens & Smith Construction thought the term “Ass Buster” might be offensive or inappropriate.  The culture of earning an Ass Buster T-shirt was abandoned to protect our company image.  Today, the 

leadership of Stephens & Smith and our employee owners recognize that our company image of being a blue collar, hard-working company is one aspect clients appreciate.  

Recognizing our employee owners for their hard work and commitment is just a small way to make a big impact on our company culture.  Who we are, is who we will attract!  

Board of Directors
Stephens & Smith Construction Co., Inc.



Watch our video making the announcement!