Jon Lucas and the specialty products division recently developed the ‘Atta Boy Award’.  The purpose of the ‘Atta Boy Award’ is to give much-needed recognition to a Stephen & Smith employee.  During the recognition ceremony, the recipient of the award receives an S&S logo sticker to place on his or her hardhat.  It isn’t the sticker that has significant meaning, it is the action of taking time to recognize our employees that has significance.

Jon Lucas recently recognized our very own fearless leader, Steve Willis (CEO Stephens & Smith). Steve commented, “When I started at S&S in 1985 I really had the tremendous pleasure of working closely with Mike Smith to get this train rolling. I will always have great respect for Mike and consider him a very influential person in my life. At some point, Mike had the confidence in me to step back and let me do my own thing. I did the same with Ryan, John, Scott, Cody, Jesse and eventually Kirby and others. When you see a train running down the right track, it’s just best to keep obstacles off the track ahead of them. It’s exciting to see young and highly motivated young men build things to another level.” 

When asked why Steve was so deserving of such award, Lucas’s response was, “Longevity”.  Steve started at Stephens and Smith in 1985 managing what was then called the Floor Topping Division, the predecessor to Specialty Products Division.  He soon became our fearless leader as CEO in 2011.  As the CEO, Steve works closely with the Department Heads within construction operations and oversees company health, insurance, 401K, and manages the Stock Portfolio. Steve will be celebrating 33 years at Stephens & Smith in February 2018.

Remember the next time you see a Stephens & Smith employee with a ¾ inch logo sticker…slap them on the back and say, “Atta Boy”!

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