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Wolfe’s Husker Helicopter hangar sees face-lift

A popular spot to have events in the Columbus, Nebraska, area is at Kim Wolfe᾿s Husker Helicopter hangar. That’s why when he wanted to spruce up the floor, he knew exactly who to call: Stephens & Smith.

The old flooring, originally completed in 2008, is shown prior to Stephens & Smith's restoration project.
The old flooring, originally completed in 2008, is shown prior to Stephens & Smith’s restoration project.

The building, approximately 4,000 square feet, was originally re-dyed by the Stephens & Smith Specialty Products team 12 years ago. They started the new refinishing process with a deep grind to take scratches out of the floor.

“We started with a metal-bonded diamond grinder to get the old sealer off, and that way when we re-dyed it, it would take,” Supervisor Cody Hillgren said.  This time around, Hillgren was able to talk to Wolfe about adding a big red “N” for Nebraska in the middle of the floor. Although the department typically goes to a stencil company for logo work, Hillgren was able to take the measurements for the “N” and mark it out himself before getting to the dye stage.

“We masked off all the walls and the ᾿N᾿ on the floor before spraying the black dye,” Hillgren said. “We then sprayed the red dye before sealing the floor with a concrete densifier.”  The team finished with polishing to make the floor shine.

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